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The Ruggie Santa Clause
The Ruggie Santa Clause
Rutherglen Town Hall
  • acme Theatre Company present
  • Friday 25 November 2016

    Acme Theatre Company presents

    The Ruggie Santa Clause  
    Written and Directed by Lawrence Crawford

    Time: 7.30pm
    Tickets: £8.00
    Rutherglen’s meanest man Russell Sprout convinces his grandson Santa isn't real.

    On Christmas Eve he spots a man on the roof of his Burnside home. He throws a stone and inadvertently kills Santa and unleashes 'The Santa Clause'. Russell Sprout magically transforms in to Santa.

    Will Christmas be saved?

    Will Russell learn the error of his ways?

    The Ruggie Santa Clause is a fun new family show with music and song from the team that brought you Frankie Goes to Easterhouse, The Incredible Brechin Beetle Bug, A New Years Tale, How the Ruggie Troll Nicked Christmas, Miracle on Ruggie Main Street and the recent hit Connolly: From Humble Beginnings to Humblebum.  

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