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Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Town House, Hamilton
Rutherglen Town Hall (***SOLD OUT***)
  • SLLC and NCL present
  • SLLC and NCL present
    Jack and the Beanstalk

    30 November to 5 December 2018 - The Town House, Hamilton

    Fri 30 Nov      7.30pm
    Sat 1 Dec      1pm / 5pm
    Sun 2 Dec     1pm / 5pm
    Mon 3 Dec     10am / 1pm SCHOOLS ONLY
    Tue 4 Dec 10am / 1pm SCHOOLS ONLY
    Wed 5 Dec   7.30pm

    Tickets:  Adults £15.00 / Concession £13.00 / Groups (20+) £8.50
    Schools: £6.00 / Family Ticket of 4 only £45.00

    8 to 22 December 2018  - Rutherglen Town Hall***SOLD OUT***

    Sat 8 Dec      1.30pm & 7pm
    Sun 9 Dec 1.30pm & 7pm
    Mon 10 Dec 9.45am & 1pm SCHOOLS ONLY
    Tue 11 Dec 9.45am & 1pm SCHOOLS ONLY
    Wed 12 Dec no show
    Thu 13 Dec 7pm
    Fri 14 Dec 7pm
    Sat 15 Dec 1.30pm & 7pm
    Sun 16 Dec 1.30pm & 7pm
    Mon 17 Dec no show
    Tue 18 Dec 7pm
    Wed 19 Dec 7pm
    Thu 20 Dec 7pm
    Fri 21 Dec 1.30pm & 7pm
    Sat 22 Dec 1.30pm & 7pm

    Tickets:  Adults £13.00 / Concession £11.50 / Groups (20+) £9.00
    Schools: £6.00 / Family Ticket of 4 only £43.00


    Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum… to our panto, you must come! Join us as our Family Panto returns to Hamilton and Rutherglen

    Giant Greedyguts his loathsome henchwoman, Fleshcreep. Greedyguts has gobbled up all the animals in town except one; Moomoo, the family coo-coo of Dame Daisy McCrazy and her two boys; Jack, cool and hip and Archie, the wheel might be turning but the hamster’s definitely deid!

    Jack loves Princess Lulu. Lulu loves Jack. But he’s just a commoner and surely they can never be wed. Or can they? Fairy Flora loves Archie. Archie hasn’t got a clue. And even if he did, Fairies can’t marry mortals. Or can they?

    When Princess Lulu has been kidnapped by the Giant, and Fleshcreep has tricked Archie into selling Moomoo for a bag of beans, is all hope lost? Or will Fairy Flora be able to use the well-known explosive power of beans to get Jack and his friends up to the Giant’s castle in Cloudland before his lunch is served?

    Find out in this year’s magical family panto, as we take you into the stratosphere on a rollercoaster journey of adventure, laughter, thrills and spills.

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