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Horse: The Same Sky
Horse: The Same Sky
Lanark Memorial Hall
  • 30th Anniversary Show
    HORSE: The Same Sky
    30th Anniversary Show

    Tickets for previously cancelled dates will still be valid for this new date

    A glorious celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the classic album ‘The same sky’.
    In March 1989, the first single, “You could be forgiven”, was released and it was so different from
    anything else at the time - thrilling first plays on Radio 1 - the track absolutely setting the bar - an
    incredibly unique Scottish voice and brilliant band. The first major UK tour followed and in 1990,
    tours across Europe, including opening for artists such as Tina Turner and BB King.

    There are many great songs on this album but arguably the ultimate song from this album and
    possibly any of her albums, is “Careful”, a beautiful and timeless song.
    Horse has continued to write and record over the years. This is a night which will inevitably conjure
    up treasured times from over the years for her entire audience. It’s a rare evening, celebrating and
    playing the album in its entirety - the full band show with a set choc-full of classic songs.

    “…the soul deep purr of Horse McDonald,”

    “ owns one of the finest voices of modern times, soul and intelligence combined” Q mag

    with support

    Time: 8.00pm
    Tickets £20.00

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