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Doing the Dishes
Doing the Dishes
Rutherglen Town Hall
  • Sokobauno Puppet and Object Theatre
  • Tuesday 7 April 2020

    Sokobauno Puppet and Object Theatre
    Doing the Dishes

    Time: 2.30pm
    Tickets: £7.50 / £27.00 Family Ticket (x4)

    Exhausted from an energetic and fun-filled birthday party, our host is faced with the messy aftermath of his big day.
    But cleaning-up is the last thing on his mind as he enters a wordless, clownish and rhythmic farce. Sponges, scourers, pots, plates and pans are given a whole new role as they are imaginatively brought to life through music, movement, gesture and breath, helping to create fabulously playful vignettes.
    A very good way to liven up the menial task of doing the dishes!

    With live music throughout, this highly visual and mischievous performance showcases the musicality and expert puppetry skills of Shane Connolly, one of Scotland’s leading puppeteers.

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