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California Suite
California Suite
  • EK Rep Theatre Club
  • EK Rep Theatre Club present
    California Suite
    4th – 7th April 2018, 7.30pm
    Tickets: £9.00 / £6.50

    A humorous confection divided into four parts:

    In Visitor from New York, Hannah, a magazine writer, is joined by her ex-husband, the question being with whom should their daughter spend the next six months? The banter flies fast and furious, but Hannah's well-wrought artifice crumbles as her fears take hold.

    The Visitor from Philadelphia is a wife who arrives at the suite, catching her husband "en flagrante delicto" with a drunken hooker.

    Visitors from London Academy Award nominee Diana returns from the ceremony empty-handed to her husband, Sidney, whose homosexuality will be no comfort tonight.

    The Visitors from Chicago are two couples ending a disastrous vacation they should not have shared.

    Neil Simon at his most humane, compassionate best.